Week 31: My Seeing Eyes

From a page out of my art journal.

From a page out of my art journal.

Those things that nature denied to human sight, she revealed to the eyes of the soul.
— Ovid


About ten years ago, I wore a contact lens in my right eye for distance and my left eye stayed bare, for reading. Monovision worked well for me. When I began having trouble reading street signs, I went back to my optometrist and discovered that my distance vision had improved and I needed weaker lens. "It happens when you get older. Your eyesight may improve, and then you get cataracts," the doctor intoned, backed-up by decades of experience.

No Lens.

The same thing happened over the next few years until we agreed that I didn't need any corrective lens to drive.  My eye doc was amazed and questioned me about my diet and supplements, looking for some kind of an explanation for my aging, yet improving, eyes. He finally settled on my practice of yoga, "That must be it."


As much as I continue to praise the benefits of yoga, I’m not sure that I can point to a specific pose or set of poses that would guarantee  improvement of eyesight; 20/200 to 20/40, in my case. Have other people who've practiced yoga for many years had similar experiences? Also, my 65 year old pair of eyes need a tiny bit of help with reading and they’ve developed a murky, white ring around my dark brown irises. Changes have occurred.

Last week, I had my eyes examined again, this time by a different optometrist to avoid a 2 hour roundtrip drive.  The vision in my right eye is now 20/30 and I need less than 1.0 lens to read. Images taken of my eyes show healthy optic nerves, maculae, arteries and veins. No sign of cataracts.

We decided to try the monovision prescription again, only this time a lens in my left eye for reading. Bingo! No more searching for a pair of reading glasses.

Photo of a clear marble taken  with an iPhone 5S.

Photo of a clear marble taken  with an iPhone 5S.


I don’t know for certain, what it is that I’m doing to keep my eyes healthy, although, my story for the last ten years has been, My Eyes Keep Improving. Is that all it takes, retelling  the results of my last visit?  If so, I certainly don't want to stick to a story of  anything but health and healing. 

It happens when you get older.