Hold That Pose


Sporadically, I join in on a photo-a-day challenge and when the prompt calls for it, I need to photograph an action. I use a gorilla-pod for my iPhone and Slow Shutter Cam, to capture the fleeting movement.

Not just the beginning of a yoga spin, but the movement during my clockwise rotation. Not just the end of it, which looks deceivingly like the beginning.


I pay a lot of attention to the end of a pose so the jump from a downward dog to Uttanasana is often a blur. It's a treat to be able to technically freeze the action and see that it's clearly not as graceful as I imagined.

The time spent shooting and editing each picture, posting it to Instagram, and receiving a flurry of responses all take place in less than a day. We're all on to the next action and the next photo, all 300 million of us. Snap, shot, post and done.

I wouldn't do it if it weren't so easy.

My actual relationship with yoga is quite the opposite. The beginning and the end are a blur to me. I don't know when I actually started and I certainly have no idea when it will end. This middle period though, feels like one long practice session. There are phases of inactivity and activity but always, the passion remains. I've spent a lot of time with yoga and I'm going to hold on to as many poses as I can.

I wouldn't do it if were too easy.




#NaPhoPoMo Day 7: Reflecting Photos

The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.
— Thomas Merton

I took this photo of my art manikin, in response to today's My 365 tag, #in_the_mirror. I usually look for a quote to caption these themed photos and this one stood out because I truly did twist the the doll to fit the image I wanted. Down the rabbit hole I fell.

You don't see me reflected in the photo but I'm there, holding the manikin in my right hand, iPhone in my left, thumb snapping the shutter. A minute earlier, I had sprayed the make-up mirror with Windex and wiped it clean, but lint from the paper towel remained, magnified at least seven times. My actions were still reflected.

We may say love is blind, but I don't think it can ever be a double-blind experiment. Our interactions can't help but  influence a person's self image, positive or not. Tall Guy and I have talked about ways in which we've become nicer to ourselves, simply because of the way we speak to and care for each other. 

By the time we're adults at the mirror, I think many of us habitually look for and obsess over, our own perceived flaws and blemishes. I want the kind of love that twists and turns me to see my good side and I want to wipe away old and limiting outlooks so that My Love sees all the light in him that I see.  I think those are good actions to reflect on, in and out of the rabbit hole.

 I hope you're enjoying your weekend.

During the month of November, as part of NaPhoPoMo, I intend to post at least one photo a day here. Sometimes with a little story, sometimes with only a caption, always in the hope of resisting the urge for it all to be perfect.

Photo: iPhone 5s, Camera+

Self-Conscious Selfies


This is my second year of taking pictures to match the themes for a photo-a-day challenge. My reason for doing it was to push me to take more photographs; I thought it was the best way to improve.  Although I have two other digital cameras, most of my images are shot with an iPhone 5s. I have a few photo editing apps that I like, to play with textures and timers and collages. It's all fun...until the first day of the month when the prompt has repeatedly been me. Hashtag Me.

Except for the brief period in my adolescence when I wore braces, I always tried to smile for a picture. But smiling when I'm taking a picture of myself, especially when there's no one else around, is rather bizarre. I think. If I do manage a smirk or a smile, my picture looks as though I'm holding up a mask. Gradually though, I'm getting used to my smile-absent-selfies, and there are only a few more to go for 2014. Maybe someone will come up with an app that talks to me while I'm taking my picture: "turn your head slightly to the right, chin up, smile!"

Hashtag Snap.