Hold That Pose


Sporadically, I join in on a photo-a-day challenge and when the prompt calls for it, I need to photograph an action. I use a gorilla-pod for my iPhone and Slow Shutter Cam, to capture the fleeting movement.

Not just the beginning of a yoga spin, but the movement during my clockwise rotation. Not just the end of it, which looks deceivingly like the beginning.


I pay a lot of attention to the end of a pose so the jump from a downward dog to Uttanasana is often a blur. It's a treat to be able to technically freeze the action and see that it's clearly not as graceful as I imagined.

The time spent shooting and editing each picture, posting it to Instagram, and receiving a flurry of responses all take place in less than a day. We're all on to the next action and the next photo, all 300 million of us. Snap, shot, post and done.

I wouldn't do it if it weren't so easy.

My actual relationship with yoga is quite the opposite. The beginning and the end are a blur to me. I don't know when I actually started and I certainly have no idea when it will end. This middle period though, feels like one long practice session. There are phases of inactivity and activity but always, the passion remains. I've spent a lot of time with yoga and I'm going to hold on to as many poses as I can.

I wouldn't do it if were too easy.




A Year of Creative Habits: The Next 100 Days

The Habit Remains But...

Now well into the second quarter of A Year of Creative Habits, my sketchbooks are filling up and I should have several of them completed by the end of the year. My habit feels well rooted at this point. Every day, I find a way to either draw, paint or collage a page in my sketchbook and post a photo of it to Instagram. The habit remains, although I often feel that creativity runs off to the beach or sneaks away for a nap when I sit down with my sketchbooks.

Enter, The Creatures

After some journal writing and revisiting my update for Week 10,  I decided that I was the one not at home when creativity comes calling. My daily habit had become just another item on my to-do list. Darn.

So I decided to find my thrill again and last week, signed up for Roxanne Coble's art journal course, Creatures. I've been admiring her work, thinking that one day I'd be art-confident enough to paint with wild abandon. As it turns out, it can be taught.

I completed my first 2-page spread (pictured above) using Roxanne's method and her creatures, and I'm ready to dive into art journals with beings of my own. Since the process involves multiple layers, I want to be able to spend time on these spreads and have been thinking of choosing a single theme to focus on for my daily Instagram/YOCH2016 art work. Luckily, I found it!

The 100 Day Project

Led by The Great Discontent and Elle Luna, The 100 Day Project is open to anyone wanting to stick with an action for 100 days. The project begins tomorrow, April 19 and ends on July 27. All you have to do is declare it, do it, and post a photo of it on Instagram with #The100DayProject and your own #100Daysof(your action) tags. It fits right in with my Year of Creative Habits and also gives me added incentive.

I decided that I'm going to create images of three things on a blank postcard and call it #100Daysof3OnAPostcard. If you'd like, follow my progress there. If you're participating, what's your private hashtag?



A Year of Creative Habits: Week 12

In 2016, I'm participating in Crystal Moody's Year of Creative Habits. If you're interested in following my creative progress, I post daily to Instagram and weekly here, on Lessons in Balance.

March 20 to 26

I'm not participating in any art challenges this month and while I've had the intention of making a list of things to draw or paint, I DINT. What seems to help is being able to choose between various sketchbook sizes and art materials. Beginning Sunday, March 20: no particular plan here, just toyed with color, collage and line drawing.

Monday. This piece began when I doodled over a page already painted with red strokes in one of Alisa Burke's handmade art journals. The flowers turned into a gown when I pasted a vintage face clipping and colored the rest of the page with a black pen. Her Town, by James Taylor,  was my musical inspiration.


Tuesday. I drew a beetle in one of my sketchbooks, then on a dried leaf from an autograph tree out in the yard.

You play the hand you’re dealt. I think the game’s worthwhile.
— Christopher Reeve.
So many gods, so many creeds, so many paths that wind and wind while just the art of being kind is all the sad world needs.
— Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Friday. Unfinished collage on a previously painted sketchbook page.


Week 12 ended on Saturday and before heading out for the day, I splashed some watercolor on Yupo paper and left it to dry. In the late afternoon, I cut out some fish shapes, pasted them in my sketchbook and added some lines. I'm definitely going to do more experimenting with Yupo. And now back to my list...