I Shot January

If all it takes is thirty days to form a habit, then I'm hooked on Project Life 365. I managed to upload a photo every day to my Instagram account in January, using the hashtags #ProjectLife365 and #(the daily topic). When I look back on the last month, the photos help pin my memories to a certain day.

On Saturday, January 5, Tall Guy and I were at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel to listen to Alan Cohen talk about Finding Joe, a movie in which he appeared, that was being shown at the Waimea Ocean Film Festival.


In the early hours of the 28th, the full moon insisted that I draw back the shades and glass doors to watch it fall into Kailua Bay. I know I don't have the right camera for such shots but, at my level of camera experience, the iPhone and the photo apps I've found, are perfect. I just need practice (practice, practice) and a little motivation. Project Life 365 has been doing it for me, daily. We'll see if I can keep my camera loaded and ready to shoot the year.