I'm after it...



The first February week has disappeared into the horizon and I'm patting myself on the back. I received 48 of my Instagram pictures to make a wall calendar, found a way to flawlessly knit a few inches of my scarf, and I've managed to take a photo every day for Project Life 365.

When it's time to shut the house down for the evening, it's those little accomplishments that tug the corners of my mouth into a smile. Like a sprinkling of fresh ground pepper on an already perfect salad.

This week I intend to:

  • assemble my perpetual calendar;
  • practice yoga, creatively (spread it out over the day);
  • write a draft for a wikibook entry;
  • get ready for a three week trip to another beach.

I hope it won't be too cold where I'm headed, my warm weather wear is very limited these days. If I could watch a weatherman like this dapper cutie though, I'd check daily.