It Took Forever to Happen All At Once


I've been wanting to make my own perpetual calendar for at least two years now. Inspired by a Photojojo tutorial, I'd been waiting for my collection of numbers to build. Some folks just have an eye for them, I don't. One day while looking at my collection of Instagram shots, I thought of the press-on letters that I'd used for my mirrored sign and Bingo! everything lined up.


I ordered Miniprints from Printstagram, a bit smaller than the 4 by 6 inch prints suggested by the tutorial but I wanted enough white space for letters and numbers.


Peeled and pasted numbers 1-31 and the first letters of the days of the week,


slipped them into Fotoclips from Photojojo,


made vertical columns first, then pieced it all together.


My finished calendar is much smaller (17 X 22 inches) than I originally planned and I may decide to pin it inside a picture frame. Right now, a couple of clear push pins that fit right into the Fotoclips allowed me to put it up on the wall, all at once...after taking forever.

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.
— Albert Einstein