Just Make a Beautiful Mess.

I've been painting backgrounds, cutting, pasting, and inking for the past two days. The kitchen island is a mess.

I amuse myself with my image choices and then wonder if they're insights into my psyche.

All of these pages are held in a rebound Golden Book, originally purchased for twenty-five cents.

My usual M.O.  is to avoid making mistakes (more insight to my psyche) but I've been inspired lately to just jump in and make a beautiful mess. I decided that the only way I'm going to get started with my Twelve by Twelve Memories is to chip away, everyday.  I want to make visual and literal statements today, to serve my memory in the future. I'm hoping that as it becomes easier for me to illustrate my present, the past will come streaming forward onto blank 12-by-12 inch canvases.

I'm reminded of a time when I was leaning on a wall for support while attempting a challenging yoga pose. My teacher came up behind me, took my hand and gently made one minor adjustment. The struggle was gone and then I wanted to know right then and there, "How did that work?" His expression didn't change. Not even an eyebrow lifted when he said, "Just do."

Several artists have caught my attention lately and they all advocate just diving in and going for it. Alissa Burke is teaching her young daughter to jump in. Mary Ann Moss embraces her mishaps and Teesha Moore dives into all kinds of pools. Then, there's this book. It was just sitting on our bookshelf and one day as I was reading right beside it, I heard a "Pssst." But I'll save the telling for later. I have more pages to paint, colors to mix, clippings to paste. It's a beautiful mess I've gotten myself into.