Year of the Fairy Tale

Carla Sonheim's 2014 online course, Year of the Fairy Tale started last Monday, January 20. Carla's description of the course, with a short video and samples of her artwork, gives you an idea of her teaching style and the quality of her materials. A+ in my opinion. 

A children's story has long been in the back of my mind and I also thought this course would help me with my 12X12 art project. I took a print making course from Carla last year and really liked her style of instruction and her soothing voice and mannerisms. Those were important factors, especially for a year long course.

During the first ten days, we've been tasked with discovering our own Princess and Frog characters through a number of practice drawings. 


This simple face (above) pleases me. I like the shape and easy-two-dots-for-eyes. 


I'm still working on finding the right frog, one with a charming face and body that I can quickly draw, over and over. The frog turns into the Princess in this version of the fairy tale so I feel the need to give both characters a single, similar feature. Bangs? A beauty spot?

So far, I'm having fun and doing my best to muzzle the self-critic. Although the class officially began on January 20, you can join in anytime throughout the year. 

2014 - Year of the Fairy Tale - Online Class