Leaving January

The future ain’t what it used to be.
— Yogi Berra

Once again, I have to agree with Mr. Berra. The future I saw at the end of last month has moved to an altered state; all but one of my projects have seen progress. One of them will even successfully come to an end tomorrow. Before I get into updates for January though, I'd like to share what I believe will be my benefits for publishing this blog.

I used to write a weekly newsletter for my business, Kona Yoga. At first, it was just a means to announce schedule changes for yoga classes. Then I began to write a short article (sample) to go along with the announcements. Readership grew, and I received positive comments via e-mail and in person, so I wrote more. Every Sunday, I wrote, and what I said would happen that week, did happen. Of course it was on a small scale: yoga classes and/or workshops at one little location. But it was consistent and reliable.

By the time I was ready to close my studio, life had joyfully displaced my attention and I stopped my newsletter and blogs. I live a rather free-form life now but I've wanted to recapture the ritual of writing. After several false starts, I've decided to experiment. I have a sense that if I write what I would like to have happen, it will happen. 

I'm not about to go celestial on you (right now), I'm just referring to the potency of writing my intentions for others to see. Even if no one ever reads this blog, the prospect of that happening will, I believe, keep me honest. I'm experimenting with what I'll call 'Blog as Planner'. I'll start each month with a list of things that would be nice to happen (some long-term, some short) and end it with the results.

Short story long, these are the results for January's list (on the Months of Planning page):

  • I haven't produced a single 12'X12" art piece yet, but I'm feeling more confidence in my drawing skills as I do the work for my Fairy Tales course. I've also started a list of the pieces I want to paint and reconsidering Evernote.
  • I'm keeping up with 365 daily photo challenge on Instagram and haven't missed a day this month.
  • Carla Sonheim's Year of the Fairy Tale started on the 20th and I'm on my way.
  • I haven't missed a single day of writing my Morning Pages this month.
  • I've read every day from my 5 book stack, and decided to stick to one at a time now. I'm nearly done with Smarter Than You Think
  • I'm toying with a Monday through Friday posting schedule here on Lessons in Balance. This is my first week. 
  • Tall Guy and I will have completed all thirty days of the Whole30 plan, tomorrow, January 31.

Thank you for reading this all the way to the end. May your own wishes come true, one day soon.