The End of Week Links


It's sprinkling outside (no, it's raining) as Hurricane Ana blows by to the south of us. Parts of the Big Island are experiencing heavy rains, flooding and road closures but as far as I can tell, Kona's just taking a morning shower. While Ana dominated many conversations and text messages this week, these are some of my online shares:

  • I rarely buy music albums anymore, this was the exception.
  • She dropped out of college with a better plan for her tuition money and now she's worth billions.
  • I followed this man around the world!
  • Our mayor, the Ironman.
  • Another mayor, solves murder mysteries.
  • Do we really sound this ridiculous?
  • Derek Jeter's got another hit.
  • If I can understand this, it'll be an even bigger surprise than my NFL-watching-habit.
  • The song and the story of a long, overnight success.
  • I can't stop looking for Momo.

I hope the weather's nice, wherever you are.