The End of Week Links


"Demand of Wine Making is Wearing Off" begins an article in the Chicago Tribune on October 25, 1929. Thank goodness the demand was resurrected at some point in my mother's life because she's up for a few glasses of red today, her 85th birthday. If her health and energy are what I have to look forward to, I'm way in. :D

Before we start celebrating, may I share a few favorite finds from this past week?

  • Such handsome Ransom shots.
  • I want to make some family beads for the little ones.
  • Sting: How I Started Writing Songs Again (TED Talk, 23:15).
  • I never knew that this happened.
  • What a voice, Willie.
  • What a recall. Do you own any of these cars?
  • When to wear wet socks.

Okay, it's time for me to open a bottle of wine, the birthday girl is here.