The End of Week Links

We drove east for the weekend to our favorite spot in the desert. I love looking at the blue skies in silence, save for the occasional car or golf cart. I hope you're enjoying this first December weekend too. If you're interested, these are some of the things that attracted me online this week:

  • Going to Hawaii soon? Some folks think you should definitely try these 10 Things. My favorites, eaten together: poke and poi.
  • Need a little help to restore your faith in humanity? Spend 4 minutes here.
  • The Oxford Dictionaries word of the year is not something I've experienced, or want to.
  • Have you tried African Sushi yet? 
  • The more I read about her, the more I am amazed.
  • Want to take better head shots? It's all about the jaw (video, 15 minutes).
  • This man has a Vassar College ID and it makes everything OK. 
  • And then, I'm going to draw myself happy, it's good for my brain.