"Exchange Is Creation." - Muriel Rukeyser

My dad's old mechanic's training manual.

Thank you, Squarespace, for having this website template available, to exchange for the one I allowed to rust and retire. I wanted a change, but I didn't know what I wanted changed. It happens with neglect, and even in complacency. 

Gone, are the yellow background and red-lettered titles, replaced by a palette of white and black.  I hope my images will supply enough color and movement and that my words will refine, disorderly thoughts. It's taken me a few days to make the switch. Most of the time was spent looking at samples and previews and it took only an hour or two to make the actual turnover.

As I was making the switch, I discovered things I'd never bothered to learn the first time through. Simple connections. It's as though I was unhappy with the order of my binder pages, but didn't know enough to open the rings and move the paper. Good grief.

I set-up a little reminder for myself:


Tall Guy's reading glasses, a magnifying paper weight and "everything", placed in a hand-turned mango-wood bowl. From now on, I'm going to inspect every option, delightfully yet skillfully, as this display suggests.