Equal Affection

If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me.
— W.H. Auden

I posted this photo and quote to my Instagram account over two weeks ago, the day that Tall Guy went back to California. Our time together was brief, yet complete.  We were inseparable. So what this picture disguises is the amount of attention I actually received, and always do receive, from Tall Guy. Here, he's flipping between golf and basketball games, surf meets and sporting news. Yet the next day, he fixed dinner while I sat and watched the Superbowl, my favorite ball game.

This is the only picture of us taken during that special weekend. Even if it looks as though he's completely preoccupied, I remember being showered with affection and the Auden quote brought this to mind: wouldn't it be nice to always intend to "let the more loving be me"?  Why even seek equal affection? 

What would happen if both people in a relationship sought to be the more loving? Maybe, as it occurred that weekend, gratification is instant and payback's a dear.