Every Word Has Power

"Your thoughts start out as observations, ideas, or symbols and are translated by your conscious mind into words. Words are simply a physical, measurable manifestation of these thoughts. They are your way of making sense of what you perceive. The words you think or say then form a picture, feeling, or symbol in your unconscious mind (the "language" of the unconscious mind is nonverbal), which goes off to search for and bring you whatever you focus on.  It also stores and retrieves every chain of meaning associated with every single word you utter and every thought you think. So, the word you use to communicate with your unconscious mind (and therefore yourself) are bringing you either high-energy results or low-energy results, depending on the feeling or symbol underlying the high-energy or low-energy words you use."


Oswald, Y. (2008) Every Word Has Power. New York, NY; Atria Books. Page 9-10, Advanced Uncorrected Proofs.

Image: My jar of words, collected for collage projects. iPhone 5s, Camera+ app.