Self-Conscious Selfies


This is my second year of taking pictures to match the themes for a photo-a-day challenge. My reason for doing it was to push me to take more photographs; I thought it was the best way to improve.  Although I have two other digital cameras, most of my images are shot with an iPhone 5s. I have a few photo editing apps that I like, to play with textures and timers and collages. It's all fun...until the first day of the month when the prompt has repeatedly been me. Hashtag Me.

Except for the brief period in my adolescence when I wore braces, I always tried to smile for a picture. But smiling when I'm taking a picture of myself, especially when there's no one else around, is rather bizarre. I think. If I do manage a smirk or a smile, my picture looks as though I'm holding up a mask. Gradually though, I'm getting used to my smile-absent-selfies, and there are only a few more to go for 2014. Maybe someone will come up with an app that talks to me while I'm taking my picture: "turn your head slightly to the right, chin up, smile!"

Hashtag Snap.