Viewed: August Films

I choose passion as the theme that threaded all of the films I watched last month. Whether it appeared as a powerful emotion, object or compulsion, passion is the consistent beat I feel from these moving pictures:

  • Mission Blue is a film that I've been aware of for more than four years. Bryce Groark shot the amazing underwater footages and I would hear a little about the filming and locations whenever he dropped in to my yoga classes, between trips. I'm a fan of Bryce's and expected the movie to attractively underscore Sylvia Earle's warning, "A world without the ocean, is a world without us." I was, however, quickly charmed by her passion for the ocean, which developed at a young age and continues to override her life.  Mission Blue is available on Netflix.


  • Dorothea Lange is another woman whose passion led and tethered her at the same time. Her photograph of a destitute mother has haunted me for years and after learning about Lange's own life as a woman with a mission, I appreciate the magnitude of her work even more. Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning is available for purchase or viewing on


  • The Lunchbox is an Indian film about a homemade meal that gets delivered to the wrong man. The lonely office worker and the neglected wife, strangers to each other, begin exchanging notes through the daily lunchbox. This movie begins with the accidental connection of two people whose lives lack passion. Slowly, the exchange of food and sentiments awaken their curiosity and hope. Mantras: there are no accidents and it's never too late.  Available on and iTunes.


  • Helium won an Oscar this year for the Best Live Action Short Film. I watched the Academy Awards and the short clip that was shown had me hooked, immediately.  It's a magical story that only takes 23 minutes. The passion I sensed though, comes from the director Anders Walter. Helium is available on Amazon.


  • The Hundred Foot Journey is a multi-sensory treat. The scenes, music and food are rich and tasty. The passion? It's all in the eyes! In theaters currently and available for pre-order through Amazon.


  • Enchanted April is a 1991 British movie that was recommended by one of my brothers. Four women from London rent an Italian castle one April to reexamine their lives and relationships. As the month goes on, joy and passion return, they're in Italy after all.  Available on Netflix and Amazon.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else sees the same thread I see in these movies. If Passion shows up as the theme next month, I'll have to wonder why. :D