Say Thank You, Please


I took my parents to the bank today to open an account for their newly formed living trust.  We spent over an hour with a young woman who was so patient and professional that I thought I'd at least send her a thank you note. Unlike my mom and Tall Guy, writing notes is not a common practice of mine. I'm more apt to write about writing thank you notes, as I'm now doing. At most, I make quick comments online or use emoticons to express appreciation. Yet I observe the note writers around me and I'm moved by their experiences. Maybe I'm feeling the ripple effect.

My mom recently wrote a thank you note for a wedding anniversary card they received and I found out that her words deeply touched the other couple. I was elated just hearing about the recycling of thoughtfulness. Tall Guy has been sending thank you letters for years, yet he was pleasantly surprised by a note from a doctor he went to see for a shoulder injury. Who gets notes from their doctors thanking them for considering their services?  Who sends thank you notes to their doctors? Tall Guy did, in response. At his next visit with his surgeon, they talked about their writing practices and the doctor sent him home with a copy of A Simple Act of Gratitude: How Learning to Say Thank You Changed my Life. Now I'm paying attention. 

I'm going to write my thank you note as soon as I'm done here, listing a few related links that may be of interest:

I'd love to watch more, but I'm going to write a Thank You Note and I hope it ripples long and far, my simple act.