#NaPhoPoMo Day 16: In the Corner

Amazement awaits us at every corner.
— James Broughton

We're halfway through November and surprisingly, I've managed to post a photo here every day. Today's photo takes an oblique view of the wooden Buddha statue that sits in the corner of my bedroom. It was late afternoon and I liked the way the orange sunlight decorated the room.

While I was cropping and editing the picture on my phone and thinking about a caption for Instagram, I realized that Day 16 was over for most people. It was already dark across the continental states. So I decided to make a new rule for myself and post by 6am, my time. It will take some planning and I'll need a schedule of some sort, just like a real blogger. 

I may be nudging myself into a corner, but let's just see what amazes me then.

During the month of November, as part of NaPhoPoMo, I intend to post at least one photo a day here. Sometimes with a little story, sometimes with only a caption, always in the hope of resisting the urge for it all to be perfect.

Photo: iPhone 5s, Camera+