#NaPhoPoMo Day 19: An Early Yoga Pose


This Throwback Thursday photo needs a big wind-up to send it that far back. I'm guessing that I was about five or six years old, trying to stand straight and still. The photo was more than likely taken by my Uncle Ray, next to his coffee trees and a bamboo pole that was used to keep the heavy branch from touching ground.

My future self is very proud of my kid self, standing in a near perfect Tadasana. My shoulders are relaxed and positioned over my hips. My eyes appear to be closed so I may be practicing my balance or meditating. More than likely, I blinked.  It's the only photo I have of myself doing yoga as a child, which makes it almost as precious as my picture with Elvis

During the month of November, as part of NaPhoPoMo, I intend to post at least one photo a day here. Sometimes with a little story, sometimes with only a caption, always in the hope of resisting the urge for it all to be perfect.

Photo: Old print reshot with my iPhone 5s.