Urban Jungle Bloggers: #plantshelfie

I came across Urban Jungle Bloggers a few weeks ago and got lost in images of houseplants from all over the world. Igor, of Happy Interior Blog and Judith, from JOELIX.com are the hosts who do all the hard work. When I decided to join the November plant shelfie theme, it was a good time to reorganize the little bookshelf in the living room. 

I took everything off the shelves and rearranged the old stuff, a telephone and radio that belonged to my parents. I took away big reference books, kept poetry books that never get old, and left the ones we still intend to read.

In the end, I decided that this was the shelf that's meant to invite us to read. There's a big comfy chair, a side table and lamp next to it. I wanted it to say, "Pssst, come here," and not groan and nag from an overload.

I even have room for more plants.