Building a Balanced Practice


Toward the end of December, I began to mull over a few goals for 2015 and realized that what I wanted most were daily practices rather than specific accomplishments. At this point in my life, when technology, time and circumstances finally allow me to do whatever I want, I find myself craving structure and order, just enough to frame the free-form actions of my daily life. Quite the opposite of what I wanted when my days were hemmed in by multiple appointments and responsibilities.  

So this year, I'm experimenting with daily rituals and practices that I think will easily flow into bigger projects. I've started writing again, every morning with a service called 750 Words and I hope it will lead into regular blog posts. I'm taking pictures to fit a daily theme and posting them to My 365 and plan to learn how to use my non-phone cameras and Photoshop, soon.

 Some practices, like yoga, aren't new, they just call for some 'added features'.


I've been wanting to create a practice that I could weave my day around rather than one to finish sometime in the morning and put away until the next.  I'm now practicing for an hour a day and want to increase it to two. Still to come are a daily reading and sketchbook routines. All of these practices hover over the idea of writing a book about yoga. Not so much an  instructional book, but about taking a practice out of the class and out into the world. I guess I'm writing it as I'm living it.

I'll be keeping track of my practices here on Lessons in Balance and welcome your questions, and answers. 


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