Writing, a Daily Practice


For twenty-three days in a row, I've been writing a minimum of 750 words each morning, online. Nothing very brilliant, not often coherent, it's what I refer to as my "blah-blah-blahs". I type out the words that bubble to the surface and try my best not to hit the delete key before the period. 750 words is the average word count for three pages written in long hand, or Morning Pages, as prescribed in the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. As a practice, Morning Pages are definitely therapeutic for me, I feel heard and I usually come away with a new idea or perspective. Handwriting my pages just took so long to finish because I'd stop to make a cup of coffee, Google for trivia (phone nearby) and jump down rabbit hole after rabbit hole.

Ah, but sometimes I get lucky and find a treasure at the bottom of a hole such as the article that introduced me to 750Words.com.  As soon as I log in and start writing, it keeps track of my time, my speed, and number of distractions, which are equal to a lag of three minutes or more. Grumpy Girl (pictured above), the part of me that fights discipline and rules, can't protest loud enough to make me stop for more than a few seconds. I now make a cup of coffee before I log on and don't allow myself a second cup until I'm done. It's simple.  Usually, by the time I get to the 700 word-line, I come up with a brilliant idea or answer to a question that I didn't even ask. 

It seems that if I stay focused, my thoughts spill out into words, words into sentences and then sentences back into thoughts again. New and improved thoughts. I hope. 


At least, Grumpy Girl, disappears after the first five minutes.