End of Week Links

Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together.
— Eugene Ionesco

Care to see what I found interesting this week?

1. Heartwarming stories that began with the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami: (a) a company restored and returned 90,000 photos to survivors and (b) the last man of Fukushima who feeds all the abandoned animals.

2. Have you ever entered the Panodash?

3. I wonder if this will help me clean up my email accounts (20,000 unread messages).

4. A boy gets a bionic 3-D printed arm from a Super Hero.

5. Head Over Heels: an Oscar nominated short about an upside down relationship. 

6. Look-Alikes aren't always related.

7. Why was MLK wearing a lei at Selma?

8. I'm sure I'll have lots more to say about this soon, but you really should consider eating a slice of this.

9. A math scholar who loves hitting people? I love it!

It's Spring? I can't tell. Have a wonderful week.