End of Week Links

When you throw it away, Think. There is no away.
— Sustainable Human

Here are some of my favorite quick and short reads from the week:

1. This is a perfect example of a skeuomorph. It's recyclable too.

2. An artist recreates his childhood drawings. Adorable and creative.

3. A positive police story to go around.

4. What a genius travel concept.

5. An endangered sea turtle has learned to photobomb.

6. I love this form of yoga posing.

7. This coach must be doing something incredibly novel:  "...the kids were so happy getting off the bus that their parents thought we’d won the game."

8. Watch her Photoshop her body in real time.

9. 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do: watch a 9 minute TED Talk video or read the transcript. I let my son do all 5, now that he's of legal age. 


Quote source: Sustainable Human