Watched: CURFEW, an Oscar Winning Short Film

I watched the 2013 Academy Award presentations and recall being happy that Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress award. I also remember that I was surprised when Argo won an Oscar for Best Picture, although I can't think of the movie I had in mind to win. So I'm not surprised that I have no recollection of the Best Live Action Short Film that year, Curfew.  I watched the 20 minute film for the first time, on my iPhone, during my last flight to Los Angeles through United's entertainment app and declared live action short films my next obsession.

 In order to be considered for an Oscar, a short film has to have a running time of 40 minutes or less, including credits. While there are other guidelines, I think the time constraint is what makes it so enticing for me to watch as it begs for attention and focus. I have a few favorite animated shorts, such as Head Over Heels, but somehow expect them to have an even shorter running time, like all of the cartoons I watched as a kid.  

During the next week, I'm giving myself the job (ha!) of tracking down and watching the 2015 Oscar winner, as well as the other nominees in the Short Film, Live Action category. I'm curious about this sudden compulsion. If you'd care to watch Curfew, it's here on Vimeo (free) with sub-titles in Korean (I believe) or via iTunes for $2.99 and no sub-titles (I hope). 

 I'll be back here in a week with the results of my search.

Do you have any short film favorites to recommend?