Boogaloo and Graham, My Pick

I mentioned my new found attraction to short films last week, and made a point to watch all five of the films nominated for an Oscar this year. The easiest viewing method turned out to be through my Amazon Prime account as it offered all of them for sale at $4.99. The five nominated were:

  • Aya. Two strangers meet at an airport. She gives him a ride and as she drops him off, he says she's "remarkable". Is that it? Aya was the Israeli Academy Award winner for Best Short Film. Trailer.
  • Boogaloo and Graham. Two young brothers in Belfast are each given a chick to raise. When their mum gets pregnant, the chickens must go, she says. BAFTA (British Academy) short film award winner. Trailer (above).
  • Butter Lamp. This is a movie about groups of Tibetan people having their pictures taken in front of background scenery that a photographer and his assistant unroll. I was fascinated by facial features, that was it. Trailer
  • Parvaneh. Swiss film about a young immigrant from Afghanistan, looking for a way to send money home to her ailing father. Trailer.
  • The Phone Call. Can a crisis center phone call from a suicidal man have a happy ending? Great acting and story line, won the film its Oscar. Trailer

Here's how I rated them:

  1. Boogaloo and Graham. It's heartwarming and funny. I found the little boys, their furrowed brows and their take on sex, adorable.
  2. Aya. I thought the acting was stunning, especially during moments of silence. The end surprised me and made me like the film even more.
  3. Parvaneh. I liked the acting, story, and scenery.
  4. The Phone Call. Great acting by Sally Hawkins but it felt like the longest 20 minutes I've ever experienced.
  5. Butter Lamp. I may have to watch it again, just to see those faces.

If you ever get a chance to see any of these, let me know what you think.  I'm on the hunt for more short, live action movies.