A Year of Creative Habits: Week 1

I've committed to 2016 as being my year of creative habits. Inspired by a year-long course led by Crystal Moody, I intend to fill a sketchbook page every day and share an image of my process or completed page on Instagram. Each Monday, I'll collect my pages and list observations of the past week and my intentions for the following, here on my blog.
To help me focus during January, I'm following Lisa Congdon's Draw A Day series, using her quick instructional videos to get me started every day.

If you'd care to see what I've done in Week I (January 3-9), the following links will take you to my Instagram stream:


During Week 1, I got totally consumed by my new habit. Because I live alone for most of the time, I cook, eat, clean, do yoga, read, go grocery shopping, watch TV via DVR (in total control of the remote), go to bed and get up...whenever I want.

It sounds ideal, except that for a curious, what-would-happen-if-I-did-it-this-way type of person, once I get started on a project, it may be several hours before I look-up again. I found myself drawing in sketchbooks of varying sizes and paper quality, trying different art supplies and methods.

In 2016, I'd also hoped to learn to take better photos, learn to use Photoshop, and write more consistent blog posts. But the days are still too short.

Luckily, I've been reading Greg McKeown's book called Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less and feeling good with the thought that doing less may actually mean I have some amount of discipline. When and where did I swallow the belief that doing everything, and more, meant that I was smarter, stronger, more reliable, and making a contribution to the world? I'm hoping the book will shed more light.


During Week 2, I'm going to look carefully at my other habits and determine whether they support my creative habit: physically, mentally and emotionally. I'm getting a sense that creativity is not just something I want for a few minutes or hours every day. What I want is a lifestlye that completely supports creativity. I think it requires a healthy body, a disciplined mind and an open heart.

Back down on the ground, I'll be leaving on Sunday for two weeks with Tall Guy. I'll need to pare down my art supplies and be ready for a change of pace.

What if the whole world shifted from the undisciplined pursuit of more to the disciplined pursuit of less … only better?
— Greg McKeown, in Essentialism