A Year of Creative Habits: The Beginning

Writing in bed: "Choosing a Creative Habit", the morning of December 31st.

I'm filling a sketchbook page every day in 2016. I signed up for it on December 1, giving me the entire month to decide on the habit that I wanted to create and maintain for the coming year. I knew that I wanted to hold a couple of bulging sketchbooks in my hands come December 31, 2016. Sketchbooks filled with my drawings, watercolors and collages, just as I had planned when I bought each of my still empty books.

I put it in writing, the day before my new habit was to begin. Such timing.

I've done several photo-a-day challenges and found that a pre-set list of themes or prompts made it easy for me to get in the routine of taking and posting pictures, every day. I also learned a lot and was inspired after seeing how other people interpreted each day's subject matter. Luckily, in this case, artist Lisa Congdon is leading a 31 Day of Drawing course on Creativebug so I'm following along.

Progress: Week 53 (remaining 2 days)

January 1 Topic: Tree

January 2 Topic: Teacup


  • I want my creative habit to slip into my life and push the unproductive ones out.
  • The muscles in my fingers need training and practice. A fine point pen on textured paper goes wherever it wants to go, I have little control. For now, I'm using a larger point.
  •  I like drawing over a prepared background.


  • Take notes during my art making sessions. Sometimes I think about a certain artist, color mixes, quotes and techniques. Leave out the swearing.
  • Don't create any left-handed habits. If the binding on a small sketchbook gets in the way, use my right hand. Gulp.
  • Check out the websites and Instagram accounts of fellow Creative Habits members. So much wisdom and experience has gathered here.
  • Keep having fun!
The beginning is the most important part of the work.
— Plato