A Year of Creative Habits: Week 6

Look at every path closely and deliberately, then ask ourselves this crucial question: Does this path have a heart? If it does, then the path is good. If it doesn’t, it is of no use.
— Carlos Castaneda

I've committed to 2016 as being my year of creative habits. Inspired by a year-long course led by Crystal Moody, I intend to fill a sketchbook page every day and share an image of my process or completed page on Instagram. Each Monday, I'll collect my pages and list observations of the past week and my intentions for the following, here on my blog.

To help me focus during February, I chose to create a daily image inspired by poetry.

If you'd care to see what I've done in Week 6 (February 7 - February 13), the poem titles link to my Instagram stream.


Just when I started to huff and puff about having kept up with my daily creative habit for 6 weeks, I did the math. It's pretty daunting to think that I still have 46 more of these Monday Updates to go. !!

I've stopped fussing over my February sketchbook since I discovered black gesso and have been experimenting more with collage techniques. (Note to Self: Divert her attention when she starts fussing).

I'm still in the process of cleaning out my office space, and organizing my art supplies so the room's still a mess, although it's more of a directed mess.  I've been thinking about the stories that I want to tell through my art making ever since Jeanne Oliver's Reflections course. So I've been gathering old family photos and items that prompt a story.

All of this seems to be leading me somewhere.


I think I'm getting close to doing a project. Several years ago I woke up with the idea of creating the images of memories, mine and those told to me by others. Later in the day I decided that they should be 12X12 inches in size and I need to make twelve rows of 12. Once I'm done, I'll put them all up on a wall somewhere and have big party.

The idea won't go away, nor will it leave me alone. But it's a thought that makes me happy, at least when I can visualize a wall full of 144 square images completed by me. And I thought six weeks of daily creating was a big deal?