A Year of Creative Habits: Week 7

You carry all the ingredients to turn your existence into Joy. Mix them. Mix them!
— Hafiz

I've committed to 2016 as being my year of creative habits. Inspired by a year-long course led by Crystal Moody, I intend to fill a sketchbook page every day and share an image of my process or completed page on Instagram. Each Monday, I'll collect my pages and list observations of the past week and my intentions for the following, here on my blog.

To help me focus during February, I chose to create a daily image inspired by poetry.

If you'd care to see what I've done in Week 7 (February 14 - February 20), the poem titles link to my Instagram stream.


This has been the hardest update to write. I've spent hours writing and deleting paragraphs and have finally realized that I don't know what I'm trying to say. All I know is that this daily project is altering my life.

I did not begin this year of creative habits as an artist wishing to make more art. I started out with the belief that if I filled a sketchbook page every day, by the end of the year I'd have several books, bulging with colorful content. Just like an artist.

I'm now on my third sketchbook and coming to grips with my limited experience in art making. There's a disconnection between the images I see in my head and what my hands are capable of producing. It happens to beginners. It has happened to me before and then I'd stop drawing and painting. 

This time though, I think I went past my warranty date, stepped over the line of no return. I made a year long commitment and I've been talking and writing about it for nearly two months. I've also become emotionally attached to my sketchbooks and their warped pages. I want more.

Stories keep appearing as I look at old family photographs and I feel the need to write. I thought I was simply making a commitment to do something creative every day but it's made me want to do more art, more reading, more yoga, more cooking, more cleaning. And. So. On.

I read once that the best solution to aging is to want more and resist less and so I've made it my mantra over the last five years. Now that I'm creating and receiving more, I wonder if the noise I hear is just the battering ram, trying to break through more resistance.



I think I need to identify which door is being knocked down.

Any clues?


Battering ram image from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.