Lyrical Paintings

I wish I was a soft refrain
When the lights were out I’d play
And be your friend
— Harpo's Blues by Phoebe Snow

Many moons ago, before seventy-five percent of what now occupies my life was either made or invented, I listened to LP records and painted. I took watercolor classes and dabbled in oils and eventually, gave it up.  I often wonder how much better I'd be today, had I stuck with it. Yes, I get it: forget it.

I'm painting again. Now that I've let go of all that I went after when I gave it up, I'm painting again.

When I saw that Roxanne Coble was offering an art journalling course using song lyrics as creative inspiration, I couldn't resist. Songs were my main inspiration when I used to paint and I completely understood her concept and excitement.

I watched all of the course videos, selected an old favorite by Phoebe Snow and then played the videos again as I followed along. Technically, there are a few things I'd try to improve (like painting a straight line when needed) and materials I want to purchase. Emotionally, I can't wait to make another spread and see what memories my choices of music and images arouse.

It's like having a conversation with my younger self and listening to her statements of uncertainty and hopes for the future. I get to tell her that it all works out fine and that she'll be happy and in love. Would I tell her not to give up painting? Meh.


In case you're interested:

Harpo's Blues sung by Phoebe Snow.

More images from Roxanne's Lyrical course on Instagram.